I know very little about pumps, and was hoping for some help. I am trying to set up an irrigation system for my lawn, using a lake as a water source. The water needs to come up a fairly steep incline prior to the lawn.

I have had some success with a small lawn sprinkler pump, however, it will overheat frequently.

Recently, I hooked up a larger 2.5 hp pump (second hand) but that would barely move the water up the hill. I do have a second hand Simer pressurized pump tank, but have not been able to find anyone to help get it set up.

I reside in rural northern minnesota, but we do have a Lowes in town. Lowes does have wellsaver pumps and pressure tanks available, and they seem to be close to what I need to be doing.

I am committed to making this system work, so if i have to buy a whole system, I am willing to do so. My goal is to have a lawn watering system on a timer, so that I do not have to mess with watering.

Can anybody help me?