I currently have a new construction home I finishing in NW Ga. I have a 350' well with submersible pump installed currently about 50 feet from my basement. I plan on installing a irragation system soon and need design and wiring help. My current system is wired to a sub panel in my basement. All plumbing is complete to the house. I tested the system the other day filling a 5 gallon bucket to the top from one exterior valve and it took around 20-30 secondsIsent the drawings to Rain Bird and they laid it all out for burial. No problem so far. Now as I look at the requiremnts for the timer ( SST-400i) basically a 4 zone timer I see I need to install a pump relay for it to operate properly. I am away quite often and would like the be able to isolate the water before it comes into the basement and volume tank while Im away at work. Anyway to get the system to work if I tee of before I enter the basement where the volume tank and pressure switch is located?If so how is designed and wired? If no what do I need to look at to complete the project?I'm have not purchased any items yet so if you can advise what I need I would get them from you.