I have a farm, just put in a 400 foot well for irrigation system. Sprinkler system is in. I used a 1 1/2 main line(Sprinkler) that goes to the well area The well is putting out 12 gallons per minute.(just dug) I am using 3 heads (impact) per zone. these are on 1 inch risers. Risers are set at 4 feet tall Power will be no problem(Whatever is needed) and well will be housed.Well pipe is 6 inches Well to sprinkler system(electric valves) is 60 feet. no rise in the land. I would appreciate any help on what type pump and best way to set up well house so I only have to do this once. Well house will be 8x8 feet. Stand up type. Many thanks for input.The sprinkler zones need about 9 gallons per minute. I put the irrigation system in knowing that I would at least get 10 gallons per minute and I got 12.I need to let you know that my well digger only digs the wells and does not do any of the pumps. So I am not taking anything from him. This forum shows professional knowledge so I decided to go to it. Many thanks