First of all, love site and have studied first before writing.

I installed Phase 2 of an 18 zone irrigation system in 2000. Homeowner pumping water out of river, up hill 60'. There is a 25-30 gallon tank, square D spring loaded on/off switch. Guess we have just been winging it until now, or even now. Last year I put a delay on my irrigation control to help recovery. Focusing a little closer now, guess getting older and Wiser.

Your site said to avoid pressures over 70. ok pump in river goes up 60' to tank, we are using 1" pvc from tank heading up hill another 100' with zones every 20-30' having 1-7 rotors per zone. after topping the, mind you the slope/hill is walkable, not gentle, but walkable, but after we go up the 100', we go over 80', and then down 80' to get to last zone, and there are 14 zones on that run.

My valves are rated to 120 psi. I would like my pressure to turn off at 115, and kick on somewhere around 70, 80, even 90. Again, I have programmed a delay between zones, but at 60 psi or less, I am not getting the coverage needed.

I have never put a gauge on tank, however I have recognized the presence of the air inlet, even tapped it once-air came out.

Ok, I believe you see this in your mind.

Have adjusted the lock nuts, I am very close, but I need professional advice to fulfill the desires of customer and self.

Do I need to use gauge/air compressor to get tank air pressure higher? Yesterday, I had shut off set at 115psi, on was still around 60/70, Need better recovery. will be back at job today or tomorrow.

Thank You and looking forward to your response. [8D]

Heber Springs Yardguy