Ok, the new system I put in works great! BTW, everything but the PVC fitting's was bought from Bob, upon his and other's recommendations.

Here's my problem now. I can pump the well dry with 2 waterings of the yard, without any rain. So, it is obvious I need another source of replenishing the cistern/dug well. I can hear and see water "leaching" in from the sides, but it can't keep up. As a reminder, the existing well, is aprox 30 ft deep and 3ft in diameter. I don't know anything about well points. Hell, I don't know anything about wells, except for the work I did. Could I sink a well point to fill the existing hole in the ground that waters my yard, or do I need to have another well drilled? Obviously this would mean a float switch and another pump, but if I can only use the existing system 1 or 2 times a year, what's the point? In the summer month's when there is no rain, it appears to be pretyy much useless........ Keep in mind this is strictly for irrigation purposes and I have already spent a few $'s in repairs.

Help please. Oh, if it helps,we are in the Celina Texas area.