I have installed a sprinkler system with 1" pvc sch40 approx. 150ft long. At approx. 30 ft apart are the sprinkler heads(Rain Bird Plus Impact P5r)with 1/2" risers, 6 each. At the end of the main line I installed a water pressure gauge and its reads 40 psi. After installing three(3) sprinkler heads it read 0 psi!. I have a 200 ft rock well(6 inch in dia.) that feeds my house and I plan on using it to feed the sprinkler system I have planned with two zones, each approx. 150ft long with six sprinklers on each line as explained above. As for the flow pressure I used a 5 gallon bucket and it took 23 seconds to fill the bucket, sprinklers use 3.3gpm. I think that gives me a flow pressure of 13gpm. What did I do wrong?. Do I need a Booster pump?. Smaller main line?. Help!!! Mike