Hey guys and gals. New here, and I need a bit of help. We just bought a house on 3.5 acres that has a cistern system that collects rain water from the roof, etc. It looks like a wishing well in the front yard. The sprinkler system that is connected to it is 8 zone. The system consist of a 4" submersible pump, pressure tank and pressure switch, and of course the zone controller. Here's the problem. The pump doesn't run. There is power thru the pressure switch and to the pump. I have just started looking into this, and have yet to pull the pump up. That's happening this evening. If I'm not mistaken, the pump is just on the end of PVC pipe. The "well" is aprox 4 ft in diameter and ??? deep. I have read that these types of pumps should be placed inside a pipe to simulate a well casing. The area to be watered is aprox 3/4 to 1 acre. And since it doesn't work, I have no idea as to the zoning of the system. I also believe it's a Flotec pump. If I have to replace the pump, what would be your recommendation? Would I be smart to rent a gas pump and try to hook into the system to see how the zoning is? Or just go with an equivalent sized sub pump?