I am currently putting in a sprikler system for about 3/4 acre. I will install a pump in my Boat House on a river at steady depth of 5 ft. My lawn goes up to an elevation about 35 ft above the river level for 450 ft distance from the boat house. I have just had a 100 amp service put in at the boat house (110v/220v) with one 30 amp 220v breaker available. I am now running 1.25" pvc pipe for my main header and will have 6 stations that will require about 12 gpm at each station and some hose bibs for fire protection around the house and misc watering. I need to purchase a pump that will give me the required pressure and GPM at the furthest rotor type sprinklers.
The pump start will be off a pressure tank switch arrangement based on system demand.
I would appreciate any suggestions on pump type and tank combination that would give me the 15 to 20 gpm at 60-70 psig or any helpful information to complete this project.