i had a well dug to irrigate my yard. needed more gallons/min than were able to attain. the largest two zones needs 17gal/min, but the rest are not that demanding. thought about burying a 1500 gallon tank, that could be filled from the well, and irrigating from it. my well is 60ft deep. i have a small jet pump and i can get 5gpm for about 4hr and 1/2 before it starts to dry up. i thought i could pump into the tank, get a float switch to turn jet pump on and off til it fills the tank, and get stronger pump to pump out to irrigation system. my irrigation system is already set up on 15 different zones, so i thought i could water individual zones through out the week. this would allow the pump to cycle and fill the tank, would this work? would i need a bladder tank? what are your thoughts on how to accomplish this? thanks.