Hi there

I need suggestions on which way to go with irrigation. I have a yard, about 3/4 acre of grass, and 4 acres of pasture that need irrigation. We have a canal behind us with water rights but im not sure of the best way to irrigate from it.

The canal is about 10 feet above our 5 acre level plot of land. The water level in the canal is usually about 5 feet deep and there is a rise of about 4 feet from the top water level to the top of the canal bank.

Nearest power source is about 75 feet away so any electric pump would have to run off extension cords. Not ideal. So, Im thinking a gas pump is the answer.

What I would like is first to be able to flood irrigate our fields. No concerns there that I can think of. Straight run of pipe, length of said pipe shouldnt matter.(?) Second I would like to water our lawn in some way. Above ground sprinklers are preferred but not at great expense. I can flood or drip irrigate the lawn if sprinklers arent feasible. Last, we have a bit of basement flooding in the spring when our neighbor floods his fields and our sump pump just cant keep up. I plan to use the pump for that issue also.

Id like to find a pump around the $300 range that I can use for all of the above.

What I have in mind is something like the 5hp gas powered pumps. I would run a straight discharge hose for flooding the fields, then reduce the discharge down to garden hose size to run a few sprinklers. Sound reasonable? Suggestions are much appreciated.