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    well point

    I am planning to make a irrigation system, install a well and pump with 3 zones to use 6 to 8 gpm each zone. I have a 3/4 hp grundfos shallow well Jet pump with pressure switch, given to me that i would like to use. The pump had been hooked up with a tank before. The water table is 15 to 20 feet pure sand. I would like to use a well point.
    Should I jet down pvc or bang down steel. what is the gpm I can expect from each in good water conditions
    Do i have to use a tank with this pump, if not how do I hook it up without a tank

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    I can't tell you what is the best method because it varies all over the State. Here I have seen both kinds of wells done. Some washed in others banged in. Once you do get into water, I would expect 5 to 15 gallons per minute on average with a screen or point. There is a lot of difference in well points. Big Box stores sell the worst.

    I don't know if your Grundfos 3/4hp is going to give you the eight gallons per minute your looking for at the pressure you will need.

    A tank is not necessary unless you want to hand water on demand or wash the car/dog.


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