I have read everything I possibly can about using a shallow well for irrigation but I can't seem to find the answer to my question; should I design the sprinkler system then pick the pump that will provide the necessary GPM and PSI, or should I drill the well, install the pump, then design the sprinkler system based on the pump's output?

I currently do not have a well or a pump, I am planning on drilling a shallow well but I can't figure out what pump to use. I am in Florida and the water table here is about 20' down. Most of the local well contractors drill 40' down to get cleaner water. I plan on drilling my well myself and going 40' down. The well will have a 4" diameter.

I need to irrigate an acre of land and I am looking for a complete DIY pump solution that will properly irrigate my yard without cycling.

Any help would be appreciated.