Hi, I wanted a well to get water for irrigation. I have just had a 4" 700ft well drilled at the house - static water at 38' 6 1/4" casing to 85'. This was 300 ft beyond our guesstimate. Driller first said my production was 5gpm at 180ft. then I was told they hit some at the bottom so my total is 7 gpm. He wants $8500 for a subdrive150 at 500ft doing 12gpm. Told him too much and can lower my demand - he is coming back with a gpm option at a shorter depth. Price yet unknown. This is for irrigation and I am already over budget. Since I was afraid I wouldnt get 7gpm refill in the well I put a jet pump in the well 50ft down and pumped it dry. Testing the refill rate I only got .25 gpm at best in multiple test. I am now thinking I should put in a cheap (not deep) pump (jet or sub) and fill a 500 gallon surface poly tank and run irrig from that. A couple questions to the experts here:
1. driller says I should frac and that may help, its a $3500 gamble, should I do it?
2. i have no driller report - should I require(demand)one or a test.
3. would the well fill "slow" at the top and if I drew at 200ft down I would get a faster refill rate?
4. would a driller report or test be needed to show where this water and refill rate is
5. driller says a well test is $4000 is this normal?
6. Is my idea of a deep well jet pump (100ft) to fill a tank then run a centerfuge pump for sprinklers a dumb idea. I am tryng to save some money.

any help/insight you can provide would be wonderful as I am sick about this mess.