Hi, I live in a former wooded/farm area of Rhode Island. House plots were built about 52 years ago. Now there is a former landfill that has a huge water runoff to a ditch when it rains (we even get water that seeps through the concrete in the basement when it rains.) I have a sump-pump to remove all of the ground water from the basement. I have now water proofed everything (about 10-15 years ago. I had a well point which I replaced about 3-4 years ago. 2 Years ago I installed a sprinkler system myself. The front yard is about 60x35and is one zone with three Toro rotor heads with 1.5GPM Nozzles in each head. I used 1/2" black poly throughout the whole system. This spring I decided to complete the system and install a backyard zone (same configuration but with only 2 heads). After installing everything the system was working fine like it did before but then around May I started losing pressure and volume (I normally lose it because of weather and dry conditions but this year has been the worse). From the sound of well it sounds like it is running out of water (a really dry like it was actually pumping air not water)I still am producing water but very slowly. My well point is a mesh Sandpoint (that goes through my sup hole) is 4' and the added depth of my basement (another 4 feet) gets me to a total of 8 feet. My neighbors say that the water is about 12 feet down and they are down 8-10 feet. I have a 1/2HP Craftsman Shallow well 40/60PSI Hydro Glass Jet Pump. The dia. of the well point and everything up to the pump is 1-1/2". The dia. of the poly out of the pump is 1" to the sprinter valves and then 1/2" from the valves to the sprinklers. I added a 1" ball valve thinking I could increase the pressure by closing it but that didn't work. Is there anything I can do to get more water and pressure without replacing the point again? I just added more air to my air bladder to bring it from 36 to 40psi (were the manual says it should be at). Tomorrow I am going to go out and buy a pressure gauge to tell you the exact running pressure. I hope you can help if there is any more info you need let me know.

The following pictures is my configuration of my well and sprinkler system. I have higher res pictures if you need them.

Image: [img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] IMG_8892-1.jpg

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