Okay, here is probably the "question" of the day, so please do not roll your eyes! Although I am very handy, wells and pumps are not my forte.

I have a well (120' with 60' of water) that I want to use only for lawn irrigation. The current pump is burned out and the tank is no good, according to the "well guy". I tend to believe him, since the previous owners said it is probably 50 years old.

All I want is to use the new pump for irrigation and a couple of places I have read that a submersible can be used without a tank. Is this true or am I way off in left field?

We are in an extreme drought here is SC and my landscaping is suffering. Every drop of water I use on the lawn goes against our sewer bill and since it is currently 60% of the bill, so I need to do something fast!

Thanks for any information you can provide!