I am looking to install a sprinkler system to water pastures on a small mini 5 acre ranch. The submersable house pump is only 1.5 HP and won't do the trick. My first sprinkler design only had 4 zones but would have required a 5HP submersable pump which would be both expensive to run plus other problems. I redesigned with 7 zones and got the water requirement down to 41 GPM at 60 PSI. The redesign uses a new well with 3HP pump at the barn. The drilling and pump cost for a new well is 5K where if I use the existing house well I would need a 5HP that would cost 4K to change out.

With using the house well, I think I would have other problems, like having to install a cycle stop valve (whatever that would cost) plus rewiring the well for a 5HP vs a 3HP at the barn. Also I would need a bigger bladder tank. I have heard horror stories about house and irrigation being on the same well.

I have 50 amps at the barn single phase 230 so I think that would do the trick.

I am guessing that I will have a dynamic water dept at 40ft
Am I better off biting the bullet? and put in a new deep well(My shallow wells only give me 10GPM)