OK, Expert advice needed.

I pump water out of the nearby creek to water close to 200 trees, normally I just pump it into 2 5,000 poly tanks and then suck it out of them to the drip system. However now I am pumping it directly since the runnoff season is near the end.

I run:
PC Drip Emitters
1, 2 and 4 GPH Pressure Compensating drip emitters. These drippers have outstanding resistance to clogging and they are easy to install.
Operating pressure: 10 to 50 PSI
Recommended pressure: 30 PSI
Drippers flow rate: .1, 2 or 4 GPH
Recommended filtration: 150 mesh

I use a screen filter at 200 mesh 3/4" wye filter. (I guess I could go with the recommended 150 mesh)

It clogs in less than 24 hours.

Is there something better?

Like something that will backflush the filter automatically?