I have a Lorentz ETA pump from about 10 years ago. I am not running it from solar. I built a 48 VDC power supply to run it. It is 600' down the hole. I originally dealt directly with Windy and his people. Great accessibility to knowledgeable people and a friendly service environment. Since he sold the company; not so much. I have tried.

Recently I have had some odd happenings with the system. They "fixed themselves".

Does anyone have a detailed service manual for the controller (and maybe pump) that I could get a copy of?

I am quite comfortable with diagnosing and repairing electronics.

I also have the same model pump that I pulled from the well after unreasonably short usage. At the time, the new management made me buy a complete new pump rather than exchanging it. Does anyone know how I might get the pump refurbished? Given my experience, it would make me more comfortable to have a spare available. No water is a rather serious event.