Below is a picture of my well pump system and as you can see I replaced the old undersized tank with a new X-trol question is that I'd like to get rid of the old tank to which the pump is currently bolted to....I'd like to put the new tank in its place and that would require raising the pump and mounting atop the new taller tank....

question are there any concerns about adding 45 degree union to transition the piping to the higher elevation?

are there any concerns about breaking seal on either of the two pipes leading to/from the well to the pump?

since I will have to repipe quite a bit....any concerns about my UPFLOW calcite filter pictured?? I've read people prefer downflow...should I buy a valve head to allow downflow and backwash? no problems ever and pressure is fine.

Image: [img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] finishedproject.jpg