i have recently driven a 1 1/4 sand point well. water level was 16 feet,i washed down to like 33 feet, i installed a 10ft wellpoint and 20 ft of 1 1/4 pvc the well point is 4 ft below the water level.I have a 1 hp sta rite multiple stage pump. i have everything hooked up but do not have the pump hooked into my sprinkler system. i have run the pump and cleared the well out. I have a 2 gallon bladder tank and new pressure switch and a valve . my question is with the pump running and the valve open it pumps fine when I shut the valve the pressure builds but the pumpswitch does not shut the pump off. Does the pump need to be connected to the rest of the system to have added volume to make the switch work right or is the tank to small. I plan on using the well to run the 4 sprinkler zones 1 at a time with a max of 4 sprinkler heads on 1 zone 3 on the rest.

Thanks in advance