I have a submersible well that I use for lawn irrigation. This well is about 7 years old now and I have not had any problems with it until this year. Right now, I can set the sprinkler timer in any zone and the well pump will start....Water pressure is then displayed on the pressure gauge....Water comes out of the sprinkler heads....And everything works for about 2 minutes. Then the well pumps stops working and the pressure guage drops to zero. If I wait for another 5 minutes, the pump will start again and the 2 minute cycle keeps repeating until the timer in each zone has expired. I have replaced the 20 gallon bladder tank with a brand new tank, replaced the switch, checked for leaks, but still not found a reason. Prior to replacing the bladder tank, the pressure gauge would slowly drop in pressure and then the pump stopped. When I saw this, I first thought the bladder tank was leaking so I replaced it. I am puzzled to why I see no pressure on displayed on the pressure gauge when the pump is not operating....And I am confused as to why the pumps stops after two minutes. Do you have any helpful suggestions?