Hello, this is my 1st well experience, hope I am not in too deep. I have driven a 2" sand point 48' into the gound (2" galvinized steel pipe). Plan on going 5' to 10' deeper. Hit water at 29'. Talked with a pump supplier who advised I need a $630.00 pump, adapter, packer, tank, fitting kit, switch, pres. release, etc. about $1450.00. Does this sound about right? Are there less expensive options. I do want a good solid well & pump. Just curious about a ball park figure for a quality system. Are there any deep well packer systems that you would recommend for residential use over others? Intended use is for alternative irrigation water source only. Well is about 100' from house. Any advantages to 115 vs 230 v system? Thanks for your time. - Robroy