Brand new here and looking for some help.
New pump and pressure tank last year...hooked up yesterday for this season.
Ihp jet pump hooked to pressure tank then to two faucets for lawn irrigation.
Made sure supply line to pump was primed prior to connecting.....primed pump....checked residual pressure in pressure tank at 28 lbs...connected wiring and switched on.
System ran perfectly for two hours with pump guage and pressure tank guage showing 45-47lbs.
When i closed down the faucet, the pump kicked out and all seemed well.
This morning I found the pump running continuosly, with a pressure reading on both guages below 20lbs...the only method of switching off is to throw the breaker.
Can someone suggest what might be going on? If it's the pressure switch, how do I determine if it's functioning or needs adjusting or replacing, and if adjustment is required how is that achieved?
As metioned, new system only used last season for maybe three months, and stored inside.
Thank you for any help.
Pic included

Image: [img]icon_paperclip.gif[/img] IM000003.JPG