Hi everyone. I have a deep well 1/2 h.p. jet pump with bladder tank that I just recently installed. Had to replace these after waking one morning to the pump running and no water. During the middle of the night my softener recharged and the pump could not supply enough water so it lost it's prime and ran for several hours until I pulled the disconnect and shut it off. After trying many, many, many times I gave up and decided it and the tank since the looked like it was on it's last legs. The house was constructed in the late 50's and the tank was a glass lined bladder from sears, anyway it showed alot of age. With new pump and tank it still is not getting the water it should. It'll run a little more then twenty-five minutes before it gets up to pressure (approx. 40lbs.) and shuts off. Thats with no open faucets. The system holds pressure so I'm guessing my problem is in the well. I want to replace everything in the well including the black plastic lines. Was told when I purchased the home the pick-up was at approx. seventy-five feet. Could someone tell me what all I will need (to replace) and some procedures I might follow. Also any pitfalls, no pun intended, to look out for. The well is located in a well house of the side of my basement. Need anymore information please advise. Thanks to all.