Help! I lost all water, figured it was the pump. Had a well company out today. The guy dropped the old pump down the well. Accidentally ofcourse... as he was pulling it out.... SO, they tried to put the new one in and could not get down as far... they told me 60 feet but it could be more. Got the water running, then Im told they need another part - coming back tomorrow. The new part is just something to hold the switch device up rather than the old type which was causing the pump to stay on. so power is off until tomorrow. My question is, Is it OK to leave the old pump down there, will it be in my water supply adding rust etc. and the fact that they cant go down as far... well is it something this company should be liable to fix since the professional dropped the old pump... or is this something that happens often and is not a big deal??? They told me it should be fine as is... I dont know! Im just a girl who has no clue about this, but it doesnt seem right to me! I appreciate any opinions!
Tomi Sue