I have been reading a great deal on CSV benefits and am looking for some advice on product selection and new design of current system to address some issues with my current well configuration. I sent this to Cary at CSV and he thought you might be abel to help.

I have a strange well / tank configuration due to a low flow well condition. The town inspector insisted that the developer put in what he called a "Jockey Pump" arrangement. This configuration consists of a 7 gallon per minute Sta-Rite Pump (7SP4E02JC3-W 230 Volts), Two Sta-Rite SR85 Pressure Tanks (Connected to House Plumbing), pumptec no flow sensor, 550 gallon storage tank (non pressure), and a 1/2 hp Goulds jet pump connected to the open air storage tank and back into the hous pipe. The feed for the storage tank comes from the well prior to the first check valve coming into the first SR85 tank.

Yes, I know it sounds complicated and we have never been able to figure out how to operate all parts of this system at once. We usually use the storage tank water along with the jet pump when watering the lawn (manually turned on).

I guess the theory here is that one of two things could happen. Well is dry and pumptec kick pump off or that the well is producing but not able to keep up with demand. In either case, the pressure in pressure in the system would drop until the kick in pressure of the jet pump's pressure switch kick in and then the jet pump would maintain supply. This would continue until either the pumptec allowed the submersible to come on or system demand is met. Once the submersible comes back on line, the storage tank would be feed until the float valve in the storage tank closes.

My question is how do we improve upon this setup? I am not comfortable with just having water sit around for long periods of time that is a potential breeding ground for bacteria and as currently designed will get into drinking water supply. Do you think that the CSV could be used here to improve on ability to meet demands and lower potential for submersible pump damage (we have gone through two at this point in 13 years)? The well water has low ph and high Iron content. Will this effect the CSV's operation (possible deadheading pump due to clogging)? Which CSV would work best and do I have to replace the Pumptec with a Cycle Sensor from CSV?

Advice and council here is greatly appreciated...