I have a well (6" casing) that is 515 ft deep. The water level is 150 ft from ground level. I used the well for about 10 years until the pump went out. The well is 60 ft from my house with 3/4" black plastic pipe and 10-2 with ground wire from the well to house. I don't remember what the gpm was, all I remember is the guy that drilled the well said i would never pump the well dry. I let it run about 3 or 4 days filling a 26000 gal pool with no problem. Now it has been so long since I pulled the pump I can't remember the size. I just want to use it for the garden, lawn ,pool and 3500psi pressure washer. Could someone tell what size pump I need and pipe. Can I use plastic pipe ? I have 22 sections of pipe (21' 3/4 galvanized) but I would rather not use it because of the weight. Thanks for any help.