I am hooking up to a municipal system. The highest usable service elevation is 965 feet, or the elevation at which there is 30 PSI. The house is 1105 feet high. Based on the .43 PSI loss per foot, the pressure of the municpal water should reduce to zero at 1034 feet. What I need to do is push the water to the house and into a pressure/bladder/holding tank set at 50 PSI.

The 965 foot point is approximately 440 feet from the house. So, to go from that point to the house it is 140 feet vertically and 440 feet horizontally. I've layed a 2-inch line from the street to the 965 foot level. I plan to reduce the line diameter after the pump. Perhaps, to a 1 1/4 inch line. It has been recommended that I install an in-line booster pump at the 965 foot level, but I am unsure how much of a pump I'll need. By the way, that is the question. How much pump would I need to do the job?

Of course, if you have an alternative ides to the booster, please do not hesitate to type.