I am building about 100 feet higher than the municipal water tank, which gravity feeds to our area. Obviously, the water will not be able to get up to the house. I have been given two methods of getting the water from the height it will go naturally to the house. I am asking for opinions on which method is best and other ideas to do the job.

The first method involves placing a pump directly into the water line where there is 20 PSI pressure. An expansion tank would be in the basement. As the pressure in the tank falls, the in-line pump would restore water used.

The second method involves placing a holding tank (500 to 1000 gallons) where the natural pressure from the municipal water would keep the tank full. A submersible pump in the tank would pump water to the pressure tank in the basement.

Which method would be best? Also, the vertical distance is about 100 feet. Depending on where I get sufficient municipal pressure, the pump could be from 300 to 600 feet vertically from the pressure tank. So, how much pump would I need?

There are probably a few more questions that will come to me as these are answered. Thanks in advance.