I have just moved into a house about 3 months ago and it has a 4" submersible well (either 3/4 or 1 hp) which works good for the house and a water hose or two but i have recently planted a good sized garden (1/2 of a good sized field) and i have also dug a good sized pond and we havent had rain in a while so i'm trying not to use my well for the pond right now but what i have come across is a 4" 5 H.P. submersible well pump and motor assembly in the shed my question is would it be cost effective to have a well drilled for the 5 hp motor so i could use it on the pond the garden and the other things around here ?? i should be getting the motor tested tomorrow the guy said it worked when they pulled it his friend was switching to city water instead...i have also been told i will have to use galvinized pipe if i do this are they talking about the casing and the pipe comming out of the motor ?? sorry so many questions just curious thanks Jason