Hi[:x)] I have about a 25' 2" shallow water well, been using it for 20 years and always drained the pump for winterization. This is at my lake house and spend very little time there. A few weeks ago on my visit the 1/3 hp pump would shut down after pressure was reached but not turn back on. After further investigation some parts in the motor were breaking off and putting it in a bind and not allowing it to start up. Well anyways that weekend I just used a screw driver to push it past the bind and make a weekend out of it. So I loaded up the pump and took it home to work on, this pump is 30 years old and I was not able to get into the case to see what the trouble but got allot of pieces out of it and tested periodically for a few weeks b4 I returned to the lake. I arrived at the lake hooked everything back up primed the 1" pipe going down in the well 20' about 5 ' past the water table, this is new just purchases pipe. It filles up and maintains so I hook it to the pump and prime the pump. Nothing but air bubbles for about 40 gallons of water to prime this thing....nada ever. So i wake up the next morning do a lil fishing and head to the store to purchase a 1/2 hp pump take everything to hook it back up same thing, nothing but air. What’s the deal here? I pull everything out of the well throw the well end in the lake it pumps just fine. i did this 3 times back and forth to the lake for more prime water. nada nothing but air. Ever heard of such a thing in your life?[%]