As much information as possible:

The well was dug 4/27/2005, 238' feet deep, 40' 6" casing, 200' 4 " PVC lined well.
I just finished the well house, and have 50 amps to the pump house.
I just purchased a 3/4" hp franklin motor and pump (220/230v) & pumptec
I used the 200 psi 1 1/4" polly pipe down the well.
The well driller said the output was about a gallon a minute when it was drilled.

I purchased 200' of the polly pipe to shove down the hole. I got down about 180' and couldn't get it to go down any further, but figured what the heck, let's light it up and see what happens, so I wired directly from the breaker through the pumptec and on to the pump.

Turned it on and it pumped grey slime for about 4 seconds and tripped the pumptec, so I'm assuming it silted in about 50-60' in the bottom of the well. I checked all the wiring, everything is kosher there. I pulled up the pump up about 10' and tried it again.. better looking water but kicked back off after 4 seconds (making the well at 170') in what was a 238' feet deep well.

I checked the water; salt.. no smell, but tasted nasty with the salt.

Continuing on, I called a local store that was familiar with the pumptec, and he said that perhaps there wasn't enough restriction on the system, so I hooked up a pressure gauge at the top of the well and a hose bib after reducing the 1 1/4 down to 3/4". With the hose bib closed, it pumps to almost 90 lbs and shuts off (again in about 4 seconds). With the hose bib open, it comes up to about 45 lbs and then shuts off after the 4 second run.

Question # 1 - any ideas on the pumptec? Even when the water was still quite high in the well it was still shutting off every 4 seconds of running.

Question #2 - what is involved with taking salt out of the water? (is it possible?)

Question #3 - considering the amount of silt in the bottom of the well, will it continue to fill in the well?

Question #4 - since I was 1 gallon a minute at 238', should I expect even less considering I can only go down 170'?

Question #5 - if there is supposidly 200' of 4" PVC liner in the well, why is the well 6" as far down the well as I can see?

Thanks in advance for your help. This is quite frustrating.