I'm new here I quess you can tell. I have a question concerning a new MSV200 goulds pump. I'm wanting to change my old pump out because it makes a bunch of loud noises when it starts up and shuts down. When I flip the braker on it goes ChugaChugaChugaChuga real loud. When I'm lucky it gets past this and runs fine, until it has to shut off again. My brother tells my I have a Flint & Walling mulit stage one horse power pump now that is thirty years old. I want just a tad more water supply to maybe run two mobile homes off the one pump. I see the Gould MSV200 here on the net for a really good price compaired to what they want here in my home town. So here is my deal. I have a 2" PVC casing with a 1-1/4" single PVC pipe connected to my deep well verticle jet pump adapter. My question is will this MSV200 pump do too good a job and does it have the two 3/8" threaded bolt holes in the bottom for a shallow well adapter? I have maybe an 80 gallon galvanized tank. Should I go larger on the tank while I'm at it? I plan to buy a new pump, new adapter and foot valve. I'm new to all this so if I'm off track set me straigh OK. Thank You!


Mark P.
Lake Charles, La.