Hi! I hope I've come to the right place to ask my question. My aunt's home is being elevated 13 1/2 feet to take it above the Base Flood Elevation. The property is near the Delaware River in PA and I believe it is a deep well with a Gould pump. She has expressed a concern that her existing well pump, which was installed in 1984 will not be able to handle pushing the water the additional 13 1/2ft upwards. I don't think the extra height will be a problem, but I am concerned about the reliability of a 23 year old well pump. I can get more details about the pump and the well. Please tell me what additional info you would need to advise us if she should get a new well pump as part of the elevation of the home. She doesn't want to have the elevation completed and then find out she needs a new well pump also. She'd like to have it all done at one time if it is going to be an obvious necessity. Thanks, Jo