i've got a 1hp? well pump, for a little while now its been kicking the breaker off but when we would flip it back it would work fine for a while. it seems to always flip it when it would rain.
now the pump isn't working at all. we replaced the breaker, the pressure switch too.
still nothing. the pressure tank doesn't seem to have any pressure in it either.
we followed the directions on the pressure switch anad hooked it up the same way as the old one was and even replaced the connectors on the wire.
where is the control box located??? i keep reading about this and thought i remembered having this done before but i can't remember where its at!
if this pump is bad it will be the 3rd one i've had to replace in 3 years. i can't afford to have anyone come out and have had neighbors and my ex boyfriend do it before.
they all have done that sort of work before so i felt confident about letting them.
but now its back to the same old thing. the pressure tank and pump are both just over a year old so i don't see why i would be having problems with it.
when we put the new pressure switch in we get power to it, you can see it spark when the you make the contacts touch. it said to hold in start position until it builds up the riight amount of pressure but it never kicked on or built any pressure.