We lost power early this morning due to the ice storm and when the power was restored about 6 hours later, my pump ran continually for about 25 minutes. In researching what could be the cause, I came to the conclusion that the pump had lost prime. Unfortunately, the seal is now leaking around the input shaft. Pump is at least 15 years lod and should probably be replaced anyway. It is a Flint/Walling vertical mount and I cannot tell the hp. There are two 1" lines feeding the pump. It runs on 220v and I will assume that it is a deep well vertical jet.
My question is - This pump is in our crawlspace and when it runs it makes a heck of a racket. Is there a manufacturer which is known to be quieter than others? If I have to replace it due to the bad seal, I would want to eliminate this annoyance if possible.