Hello all, first a thanks to all the great posts, they have been very helpful in diagnising some of my problems with my well. I bought an estate a little over 2 months ago. The one test I had done was water quality. The results prompted me to put in a complete water treatment system included and acid neutralizer/water softener and a UV light. I also replaced all the copper pipe with 3/4" and 1/2" cpvc, Installed a new Pressure Tank and new water heater. All was well until a few days ago. My wife called me and said there was no water. An hour later it was back, only to disappear again. The best diagnosis I could come to was a burned out motor on the submersible pump, so I replaced it. (figured wgy not since the pump was over 10 years old). I replaced it with a water ace 1HP 3 wire pump from Lowe's (Had to use the credit card [xx(] ) I also installed a new control panel for the pump, a new 30-50 pressure switch, a new pressure guage and for saftey I added a pressure relief valve. Basically my entire plumbing system is brand new. After installing the new pump I filled and drained the pressure tank (flowtec 82 gal equivalent diaphram tank) several times. All done and water flowing great. i went up stairs and started to fill the bath tub and only got about 4 inches in it when the water stopped flowing. I think the problem is We're overdrawing the well. I pulled the pump again and measured the well this time. The well is 6" well going @190' deep. There is @ 45' of water in the bottom and the pump sits @ 14' off the bottom. Again the pump is a 1HP and is rated at i believe 10GPM at 175 ft. if I remember correctly.

Anyway, sorry for being long winded but I wanted to cover everything.

My questions are am I correct in assuming the well is being over pumped. If I let it sit for about an hour water will return and allow the tank to build up to 50PSI. Also, what would be the most cost effective way to balance the water load. Would having the well drilled deeper or a new well deeper solve my problems or will this only be a temp fix. Would installing a holding tank in the basement with a seperate pump and float switch be a better way to manage the demand on the well. We are a family of 2 adults, 2 young boys and an infant. Any advise would be greatly appreciated and thanks for the patients with all my gab.

Specs again fo review:
1HP 10GPM 3-wire Water Ace Submersible Pump
6" Well, 190' deep, there is @ 45' water from bottom
Flowtec 82gal diaphram tank
1" Plastic Pipe off well to 30-50 pressure switch
3/4" CPVC to tank and treatment system and H/W tank
1/2" CPVC to remaining fixtures
2 adults, 2 young kids, 1 infant
New 30-50 pressure switch
New control panel for pump