We used Bronco wells in the jacksonville florida area to install our well over 8 years ago, the well casing is 4". We supplied them with a 1/2 hp jet pump and they ran the lines and hooked it up. Last year we bought a new home and wanted to upgrade our water pressure. So i bought a pump from lowes and it burnt up after 6 months. I then decided to pull the well head off and found they used a single pipe 1 1/4" approximately 40-80 feet down. I have recently learned 4" caseing is used for dbl pipe systems and now i'm stuck trying to pull this out by myself. I have already bought a flotec 1 hp Model Number 4332-08. Is there any advice i can get, I cannot afford to pay somone 500-800 to pull this for me. Is there anything i will be able to do I am scared of snapping the pipe off in the casing. I have already poured bleach into it, to help shrink the leathers?