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Thread: Need help id'ing a pump and fitting

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    Need help id'ing a pump and fitting

    Hello. I live in a 30 year old house in Otisville, Michigan. This well pump is apparently the original pump installed when the house was new. It is still working, thanks be to god! I'm planning on replacing the pump while it is convenient, however. The other night my 30 year old water softeners brine tank valve stuck on and dumped around 50 gallons of saturated brine into my basement. Argh!!! It is probably just a matter of time before the pump gives up the ghost.

    I acquired a shallow well jet pump made by Craftsman (well, made by somebody else and relabeled by Sears). I picked it up for $35, and am wondering if it will work for my application. Problem is, I don't know what it is that I have. I'm assuming that I have a shallow well and my current configuration uses a generic jet pump with some sort of rudimentary external feedback system... My current (current, Hah!) pump is made by Tait/Rapidayton. I need to identify this fitting that is connected to the feed pipe from the well. I'm expecting that it is just a mixer of sorts with all the internal passages connected. Might it be nothing more than a mounting flange? I'm seriously doubting that the return pipe from the pump passes through this thing and runs down to the bottom of the well (as would be required with a deep well jet pump, I believe). Therefore, I'm inclined to believe that I have a shallow well jet pump setup and that this thing allows the water from the pump outlet to recirculate back into the input stream from the well to produce the 'jet' action.

    Is the pump that I have a jet pump? I'm doubting that it is a centrifugal pump. If it is a jet pump, and the strange flange thing is nothing more than a mixer/manifold that doesn't pass the return pipe back to the bottom of the well, then I would have to assume that my new shallow well jet pump would work just fine.

    BTW, the current pump runs from 30psi to 50 psi. The new pump is set up for 40 to 60. I plan on replacing the pump, softener, and pressure tank at the same time. In addition, I'm going to add in a Whirlpool household water filter. If I'm going to have the system down, I might as well do everything while it is convenient. Any comments or information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!






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    What you have is an old Tait (Rapidayton) shallow well jet pump. The second pipe is to pressurize the suction line to prevent contaminants from entering it. If you had a deep well jet pump, the second line would be sending water back down to the jet. The pitless adaptor you have is strictly a shallow well pitless.

    You can use your Sears pump which in my opinion is worth about what you paid for it. The gadget you put "what is" next to is called a casing adaptor. In the case of concentric piping it is brought into the house instead of termination at the top of the well.

    I will assume you have a two inch well. Otherwise you would have a submersible pump.


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    UGLY!! It is still working after thirty years!!

    I think you are making a big mistake in attempting to use a used, or new, Sears pump.

    You should be buying a new pump and pressure tank from Bob.

    The "whole house" filter.... Does your 30 year old softener have a prefilter? I don't think so... So why do you mistakenly think a new softener needs one? only the water powered wonder Kinetico softeners do. And you aren't buying one of THOSE are you? If so we should talk first. And since you are a DIYer that will replace a part yourself when needed, you should look into a correctly sized softener with a Clack WS-1 control valve.

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