I'm going to post here because my question really covers pumps and tanks. I'm a new homeowner (as of a month ago) with a well - first time experience. My well pump is sitting out there in the yard in it's own place - they left me with an imitation plastic rock to cover it all and of course no education on what to do in the winter. My pressure tank is under the house in the crawl space. I've been looking here on the forum and found a lot about what to do after things froze up. What I am looking for is the preventative information - which may be a good forum topic. What can I do to keep things from freezing, i.e. not winterizing my vacation home but the primary residence? Heat tape around pipes, pressure tank, etc.? I picked up on the light bulb trick for the pump enclosure so I'll run a drop light out there this afternoon. I don't think I want to insulate and heat the crawlspace though. What should be wrapped/insulated? And yeah BTW - stuff froze up on me last night and hopefully I need little if any damage control Thanks!