Have a submersible pump (Lancaster) running 110V 1/2 hp. Well is about 500 feet deep and gives plenty of water. 60 year old well. Pump down about 125+ feet.
Have a 25 gal. bladder tank, currently a 30-50 pressure switch. 1" black plastic pipe to the house. There are only the two of us in the house.

Eventually I will probably go to a 220V 1/2 to 3/4 HP pump. I plan on moving the tank, switch etc from the field it is in to next to the house, about 600 feet away. Want to increase the pressure switch to a 40-60.

2 questions, can I use the same wire used down the well all the way to the house in 1" electrical PVC conduit? Will it carry the load? I would like one continuous run of wire. It is the standard yellow pump wire.

Secondly what size CSV would I need now and would it do for the future. I can change the pressure switch now if needed.