I'm new to the board & have a question about winterizing a vacation home in NE Pa.
The home is my wifes cousins house and i normally do not prepare the house for winter but this year her relative passed away & i was the closest to the house to do the procedure.
I drained all of the water out of the pipes and bladder tank for the house and poured anti-freeze down the drains. I was @ the house this weekend and everything looks good ( no split pipes ) .
My big question is there anything that should of done b4 the freeze to " winterize " the pump & piping to the pump. I traced the power and main pipe to the pump to a cinder block wall , which on the outside of the house is buried on a berm. The only thing i noticed was 2 hose clamps on the 2-3 " plastic pipe were loose, but the plastic pipe was still sleeved together. ( perhaps he unsleeved that section and poured anti-freeze down the pipe to the pump ? )
I'm assuming that the pump is located underground, does not the expanding water destroy the vanes and housing of the pump in the winter. Sorry for asking a stupid question but the anxiety of having left something to chance is bothering me & i don't want the family to have to worry about anything else.

Thanks in advance! Joe