Oh boy, where to start!

We had cold weather spell a week and a half ago. 3 different pumps all froze up, 2 out of 3 started working again with space heaters added.

Number 3 is a submersible pump - the control box is a Franklin 1hp. There is a diaphragm tank not sure exact size. I'm not sure of the depth of the well either. The tank has pressure, the gauge now shows 0 pressure. I installed a new gauge and pressure switch a couple months ago due to intermittent water pressure. About a month ago I replaced some pvc pipes in the well house due to a minor leak that I thought was letting air into the system. The new plumbing didn't help stabalize the water pressure. After that I was concerned that the water level perhaps was low due to drought conditions in Texas.

Now after the freeze the pump will not start. My dad came out and checked the electrical to make sure power from the house was working, the pressure switch was showing charge, the control box was showing charge. To troubleshoot the relay and capacitor we swapped the pump control box with the box in our other well house. It worked fine on the other pump so it checked out OK.

We were going to pull the pump but decided it wasn't something novices should attempt especially when we have no clue on the depth. I've got a pro coming this Wednesday but my dad is convinced the well has gone dry and doesn't think I should waste my money.

I was just wondering if you all thought it sounded like the pump bit the dust or do you seriouly think the well could have dried up??? We have had plenty of precipitation lately so I don't think it could be dry, but hey! what the heck do I know?

Thanks for any insights, I've spent a lot of time reading in this forum lately and learned alot more about pumps than I ever thought I'd need to know.