Thanks Bob (Speedbump) for all your help in setting up and supplying everything needed for my water system. I have a few more questions, though.

First, I had planned to place the 2HP submersible pump horizontally in a 2500 gallon cistern thatís about 8 feet high. But, the Franklin manual warns that horizontal placement could shorten the life of the pump because of added wear on the thrust bearing. What is your take on this issue?

Second, Franklin indicates a flow inducer sleeve is needed when submersibles of 3 HP and greater are used in an open body of water. Is the sleeve necessary for a 2 HP pump in a cistern?

Finally, Franklin recommends that when the drop pipe is PVC that the motor be grounded by running the ground and power supply lines through a GFCI receptacle. Is there an alternative?

Thanks for all your help.