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Thread: Need help restarting well....

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    Need help restarting well....

    Hello. Im so glad I found this forum! What a great place for well owners! After many years of city wayer using im back on 5 acres with a well.

    A little background on this well... its most likley 40 years old put in in the 80s or early 90s. My father bought this 5 acres about 10 years ago. The gentleman that owned it passed and his daughter let the mobile home sit for a year without winterization and yup... pipes froze and busted. Come spring, everything thawed and the well kicked on flooding the singlewide trailer. Dad bought the place and bulldozed the mobile as it was in ruins. He also ripped out most of the electric as it was not to code and unsafe. He says well was running fine then. This was 10 years ago....

    Fast forward to today. Having just divorced my ex wife and with kids that will be visiting 2-3 nights a week i am in need of cheap living arrangemements whilst i rebuild my life.

    A nice like new 2015 44' travel trailer on dads 5 acres with well and septic hookups was chosen as my best solution. So im in the middle of setting this up. Trailer is on property, septic tied in, electric going in Tuesday.

    On to water well. I took the cinderblock / scrap metal thrown together well house down completely. Ill build a new one after settling in. Unsure what shape water line from well house to house pad is.... was trenching for fresh electric to well anyway, so ive ran a new 1 1/4 inch waterline. Well is not connected yet. I cut off the old outbound line to housepad and just have a T valve at the head for now.

    Pressure switch was in bad shape. Bought and installed a new one. I wired a 220 plug to the power panel and plugged it i to a 3500 watt generator and voila!... clear water pumping out below T valve.

    Issue is: its surging. My generator will load up... pump kicks, watercomes out for 5-10 seconds... generator unloads and water stops. Left alone this process will repeat every couple of minutes.

    Pressure tank was 3.5 psi according to digital tire guage. Aired it up to 65 psi. (Says 100psi max on tank).

    Well still surges. I noticed after 20 minutes of this tank psi dropped to 51. I also noticed that water pressure guage on well head barely moves during surge. I have also shut off T valve to let pressure build and water fill pressure tanks. Still surges.

    I figure either:

    Pressure tank is bad


    I have no idea what im doing... lol

    Can anyone elighten me on how to get this well pumping a solid stream of water?


    Some pics



    I have a video of the surging. Ill see if i can upload it.
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