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Thread: driven well - urban Seattle

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    driven well - urban Seattle

    Hello -- first time poster. I've got some groundwater intrusion in my basement. Our house is located 'next to / over' a known subterranean 'flow' of water (it daylites at the foot of the driveway). It appears the groundwater table is only a couple 4-5 feet down from the surface. I kinda want to 'tap' this water in my backyard (uphill from the house) and 'pull-down' that water table with a small pump. Does this all make sense? In the summertime I could pull on that water to irrigate the yard. I just want a simple rig, about 6-10 feet deep, and perhaps hook up a pump that I just plug into an outlet and run "on demand". Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


    Greg in Seattle

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    quoteit daylites at the foot of the driveway)
    Please explain!

    Chances are that water is not in a material that will be conducive to a good flow of water through a well point which I am quite sure you would need. Most shallow wells are deeper than 4' or so. The only way to find out is to start with a well point and some 5' sections of galvanized pipe and give it a try. You will need a pitcher pump to test it at each joint.


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