I have two ground-level 1000kl rain water tanks, gravity feeding an Azud 100micron disc filter and a ground-level DAB JET 102T pump. A DSK 2.1 Pressure Controller is mounted on the outlet of the pump. The outlet of the pressure controller feeds our toilet cisterns and an outside garden tap. This system means that we save on municipal water for almost 9 months of the year. (Cape Town had a really bad drought in 2017/2018 - the city was urging user not to use more than 50 litres per person per day, so we've all become very water concious.)

Our tank/pump system works very well as long as the tanks don't run down. When they do (like today, in our summer) it's been a problem getting the system up and running again. The output line will not pressurise. The pump just turns off because the pressure controller signals a "fault". It seems as if there might be air in the pump chamber. The pump, however, is meant to be self priming, and I've refilled the tanks from municipal supply, so the water level is well above the pump output.

Once or twice before, when the tanks have run down, I've struggled to get things working again, and eventually it's come right. (I've never known exactly what I've done to get it going.) This time, however, the restarting/pressurising problem persists.

Should I add a bleeder/primer between the pump outlet and the controller input, or something like that? Any advice?

Much appreciated!