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Thread: Flow through stopped pump

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    Flow through stopped pump

    I have a single stage centrifugal pump running intermittently at a duty point of approximately 2 Litres/Second and 30 metres head. I am considering adding to the pipework around the pump to allow me to use that pipework for a different purpose on rare occasions and while the pump is switched off. The rare occasion would involve a positive dynamic head in the range 15 to 20 metres introduced at the suction side of the pump. I think the worst case situation at the discharge side of the pump would be a free discharge condition.

    Iím thinking that the switched off pump is just going to be a throttle to the gravity discharge through this alternate system. The water will enter the suction port of the pump and then progress over the stopped impeller and find its way to the discharge port. Iím also thinking that this arrangement would not impart significant rotational forces on the impeller, that would be there if I was trying to run the pump in a turbine mode.

    Does anyone have any thoughts on the wisdom of doing this? Is there risks to the pump I havenít foreseen? Hydraulic losses through the pump would be pump specific but any more thoughts there?
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