I was thinking that a solar pump would be useful, but on looking at that forum I find that people are talking about big pumps that run on 110 or 220 AC. That means that the systems they are talking about have nothing to do with solar.

At first I thought I need a solar pump because it would need to be far from the house, but after analyzing the situation it looks like there is a way to put the pump fairly close to the house, which means it could be operated on 110V AC.

What I want to do is run water in a hose from the other side of the valley to a point that is a little lower than the spring source elevation, and then pump it up to a big concrete storage tank above the house. To do that requires high pressure, and that requires a positive displacement pump. I was thinking solar to run a small pump and have it be as a set and forget deal, where it would pump when it was sunny and that's plenty. I see that even the smallest pumps put out around 100 gallons an hour, and that is more than enough. If I have a pump run on 100V I would need to install a switch and supervise the progress of the water levels which I would rather not do.

Anyway, to start off with I'm looking for suggestions for a small high quality positive displacement pump, and one that would allow selecting a DC or AC motor would be best. I've seen there are some pumps made to be run by drilldos, but those have plastic bodies and I'm sure they have a short life.