so I just bought a house that runs off a well. Ii want to hook up a storage tank and also minimize the hard water with possibly a water softener. My wife called a company and they quoted everything at $9,000. That brings me here. After researching it seems I can get the cost down doing it myself. The previous owner had purchased a storage tank but never actually installed it. After reading through I know I will need to get a booster pump and a float setup for the tank to start.

my questions:

1. How do I figure out the size of booster pump I need?
2. What brand of float or how many floats should I have in the tank? I am thinking 2. 1 for the well pump to fill and 1 as a safety for the booster pump.
3. What's a decent brand for a booster pump?
4. To confirm, the sequence would be... well pump-storage tank-booster pump-check valve-pressure tank-house?
5. Also if anyone knows a decent water softener brand or model?

thanks for any help in advance.